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Community support

By Staff | Jun 25, 2014

Community support comes in so many different forms. There is emotional support-the kind that says, “I agree with you. You’re doing a great job!” There is participatory support-the kind that gets physically involved by attending an event. There is volunteer support-the kind that actually gets your hands dirty, gives of your time and effort. There is monetary support-the kind that “puts your money where your mouth is”, so to speak.

All of them are important. Truly, they are. They are different levels and abilities. Some cannot attend. Some cannot volunteer. Some cannot give money. But all can at least give an “attaboy”!

It takes all kinds of support to make a community work, to make an event a success.

Thankfully we see these things at work all the time in Tyler County. You are a very giving bunch-from sports to church events and honoring the past to making a brighter future. You do it.

Now is the time to do it again. The Sistersville Community Service Organization is gearing up for their Picnic in the Park to be held July 6.

This is one of the largest events, especially for a one-day event, in Tyler County. We hope you attend, maybe set up a booth for your non-profit of choice, and certainly enjoy the fireworks.

While the event, and in particular the fireworks, may be free to the public to watch, someone had to pay for them. Will that someone be you?

Every little donation helps. You can drop them off at the Tyler Star News office, located at 720 Wells St., Sistersville, or mail them to the SCSO?Fireworks Fund, P.O. Box 46, Sistersville,?WV 26175.

The very word community denotes working together for the common good. Will you work with and for your community? We hope so.