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Sun shines on SHS

By Staff | May 28, 2014

We’ve heard it said, “It never rains on Sistersville’s Alumni Weekend.” Whether that is technically true or not (we don’t have the weather records), we know it was true this weekend. It was absolutely perfect weather for the annual festivities.

We trust all who attended-whether they actually attended SHS or not-enjoyed the activities. The smiling faces, waves, and cheers at the parade Saturday certainly indicated that the weekend was going well.

We just love seeing all of the hubbub that comes with the alumni festivities. We talked with some people along the parade route Saturday who said they didn’t even go to SHS, but rather another high school in the area. Despite that, they never miss the parade. We understand. It’s just fun.

In fact, we think it might be impossible to be unhappy in Sistersville during Alumni Weekend.

For all of that happiness there is a big debt of gratitude owed to all who worked on making this year’s event a success. But not only to them, but all who started and then kept the traditions alive through the years. It is a big undertaking, but when done with love, it simply grows.