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That’s that?

By Staff | May 14, 2014

So that’s that? We doubt it.

What in Tyler County are we talking about? The sale of three lots on Westchester Avenue in Middlebourne.

If you read the story on page 1A, the town council rejected the high bid, submitted at live auction on the courthouse steps, for the property. The lots were left to the town to be liquidated and the proceeds given to the Middlebourne Library.

Mayor Charles Delauder said the $7,800 bid from Community Resources, Inc., was too low. Residents of the area, known as Fair Addition, signed a petition and attended the council meeting, saying they did not want CRI to build in their area. They argued it is a residential area.

While we don’t know CRI’s intentions, their recent activity has been to build single-family residences through the West Virginia Housing Development Fund. They are then sold with some special financing that helps those making under 80 percent of the area’s median income better able to buy a home.

Chances are that CRI intends to use the lot for residential purposes. In fact, we doubt CRI is even looking to build some “projects” in Middlebourne.

All of that argument (which is certainly worth discussing) aside, the rest of the story at Monday night’s council meeting gets even more confusing.

Mayor Charles Delauder said the lots were not sold at the auction price because they were worth more than that. He said if someone offered him $20,000, he’d take it. An area resident did that, on the spot, at the council meeting. Council approved it and they wrote up an agreement that night.

But there is another twist. Also at the council meeting a letter, reportedly from CRI, was read saying they were willing to pay $36,000 for the property.

If the town is to act, as a sort of fiscal agent, in the best interest of the library, who will receive the funds? How could they dismiss a possible offer for an additional $16,000?

We think that is the question CRI and the library will undoubtedly ask.

So, no, we don’t think “that’s that” and the pesky issue of some possible unsavoriness in a neighborhood is taken care of by a simple check. We think this issue will be continued.