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Moving forward

By Staff | Apr 2, 2014

Did your candidate win? Did your candidate lose?

Whatever your answers to those questions, let’s be clear that Sistersville’s election is over. The people cast their ballots; they have spoken.

Now is the time to accept the results-whether you like them or not. Now is the time to focus on progress.

Sistersville is a wonderful town full of great people. Sure, it has some problems-all towns do. But they are problems that can be overcome. However, not one person or even one group of people such as a city council can solve all of the problems and certainly not overnight.

That is exactly why now is the time for all residents to step up their community involvement-in a positive way. Volunteer your time in the parks. Offer to help assemble information for a grant. Sit in on committee meetings and see where you can help. At the very least, be a positive voice for the town. Even simply picking up some wayward litter is an improvement. It doesn’t take a title to be a help.