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The American Dream

By Staff | Mar 26, 2014

The “American Dream” is supposed to the culmination of working hard to reach a goal-usually to attain enough money to be able to afford a home and a comfortable life or maybe to open and run a successful business. But really, nowadays the “American Dream” might be to win the lottery. Admit it, we all dream about it-even those who never plunk down a dollar or two for a little bit of hope.

Recently word spread through Tyler County like a case of the bubonic plague that a $2 million winning lottery ticket had been purchased in our midst. We all waited anxiously to see who the winner would be. On March 19 we got our answer-Bev Swartzmiller of Sistersville. We are so happy for her and her family.

Now we are filled with a different sort of hope-the kind that wishes them well. We hope they will use the money wisely. We hope they will not be bombarded by requests from those who want to share their riches. We hope it is everything they ever dreamed it would be. Congratulations.