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Put the phone down and pick your head up

By Staff | Feb 26, 2014

Candid photographs are always the best, aren’t they? If taken at the right time, you might catch a look of joy, excitement, or bashfulness. Maybe you’ll even capture an instant of inspiration that will be reprinted for generations to come.

Or… you might snap a shot of the top of someone’s head. Upon closer examination, you see that their thumbs are blurred from rapid movement. What’s that in their hands? A smart phone! Are they… were they actually sending a text message at such an important time?

Whether it’s a birthday party, an awards ceremony or a graduation– keep in mind that people will probably be taking pictures. We’re not saying to disregard such a wonderful method of communication, and we do recognize that those smart phones can now take very nice pictures. We are, however, asking the public at large to have respect for events that deserve your attention. When someone is snapping a picture of their child accepting their diploma, they surely don’t want the photograph they hang in their living room to show your lack of interest in someone they love!

If the text can wait, let it!

There’s another aspect to this. Just consider the nostalgic relevance of old photographs, many of which are being published as we celebrate Tyler County’s bicentennial. We might see horse-and-buggies, men in suits and women in dresses (those lost generations were almost always dressed up when they were out and about), and scenes in which the public is devoting the majority of its attention to one spectacular event. Do we really want the photos of us 100 years from now– at the tricentennial–to show us with our heads down and our focus diverted. Is that how we want to be remembered?

While a text message often consists of a few short words, remember that a picture is worth a thousand. If possible, keep in mind where you are, and keep the phone where it belongs.