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What’s with Old Man Winter?

By Staff | Feb 19, 2014

Old Man Winter sure has been crotchety this year, hasn’t he? Seems like we get a few days of relaxation, if that, then he’s back on our doorstep. He’s visited every inch of Tyler County at this point. With a malevolent snicker, he hangs frozen, jagged knives from our rafters, sheets our sidewalks in ice, and blankets our vehicles in snow.

Why won’t he lay off already? What did we do to deserve this harsh a season? When will he go?

We’ve long since run out of hot cocoa and burned through every good book, album, or television program; the fireside coziness has been replaced by cold puddles tracked inside our homes; and the kids missing school are actually missing school!

Something’s wrong here!

But no matter how grouchy he gets, we have to deal with Old Man Winter. As much as he’d like, we can’t stop everything on his account.

So whatever got him riled up this time, let’s hope he’s able to cool off (no pun intended) before returning after spring, summer, and fall.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll come back in a better mood.