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The romantic remedy is here

By Staff | Feb 13, 2014

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ll keep this one short and sweet. You’re probably in a rush anyway, making plans for a romantic evening.

Wait… you’re not!

You say extenuating circumstances are keeping you from celebrating with your better half!

Or you don’t even have a Valentine!

If the last one is the case, we’re sorry to hear that, we truly are. In the event that you’ve got a case of the Valentine’s Blues, we’re hoping this holiday is not particularly difficult.

But don’t worry! Keep your head up and your heart open. Magic can happen!

Sometimes, it just takes a little nudge in the right direction. Fate favors the bold, after all, and so do matters of love and romance.

You can’t find it if you don’t give it a chance. That message extends far beyond a simple holiday (which some claim was only founded as a way to sell cheesy cards).

So no matter where you happen to be or whom you happen to be with, let the romantic date of Feb. 14 summon passions from the Romantic Era. Romance, at its roots, applies to more than just relationships. It is a way of life that we should strive to keep with us.

Who knows? Maybe it will lead to someone special in the future.