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The best things in life are . . .

By Staff | Feb 5, 2014

The best things in life may not always be free, but they sure are cheap. And when executed correctly, those things do more for a community than money ever can.

Take the Pleasantview Bridge for example. It leads into the city limits of Middlebourne and serves as an important connection to our county seat. While recent renovations on it were certainly not cheap, there are several local political figures who still know that even the smallest of sentimental notions have a powerful impact. They are therefore seeking to rename the bridge in honor of one of Tyler County’s sons, Jesse Ault, who gave his life during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In a very moving resolution, Tyler County Commission Vice President Eric Vincent read of the exemplary heart displayed by Ault. He described what the young man was known for during his time here, and furthermore what that young soldier’s sacrifice means to us now that he’s gone.

That resolution, signed by Vincent, Commission President John Stender, and Commissioner Charles “Pork” Smith, is being supported by Delegate Roger Romine and Senator Larry Edgell.

“Whereas, Staff Sgt. Jesse A. Ault’s memory leaves a proud smile on the faces of the citizens of Tyler County recounting his grand adventure of 28 years as a student, friend, family member, husband, father, and warrior soldier,” it reads.

Returning to the original point of this editorial, the best things in life may not always be free, but they sure are cheap. Compared to the cost he paid for us, a sign honoring Ault’s memory will cost next to nothing.

It will have an immeasurable impact on Tyler County (we will see it and feel an inspiring sense of pride in one of our own) and even those who are just passing through (they will see it and know a community that recognizes its heroes).

Like the Brigadier General Timothy C. Barrick Bridge in Sistersville, which invited the public to celebrate its opening, we hope that the eventual unveiling of the Staff Sergeant Jesse A. Ault Memorial Bridge will be an equally monumental event honoring yet another outstanding life.