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Cooperation means everything in an emergency situation

By Staff | Jan 29, 2014

In regard to the tanker wreck on the Brigadier General Timothy Barrick Bridge in Sistersville on Tuesday, in which a road closure and caustic chemical leak had many of us following the news all day, we feel that we have to thank our first responders for their endless dedication to the community’s safety.

Many of them were on scene all day, well into night, working together as the temperature continued to drop. From shortly after 3 p.m. until midnight, those who serve us locally went above and beyond their duties… and considering that many of them are volunteers, any time they spend there is an extra measure in our book– a measure they take for all of us.

Fortunately, these separate entities do not see themselves as separate, at least not when emergency situations call them into the field. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle because they see the big picture: SAFETY.

And while the caustic material leak was controllable and did not seem to cast a direct threat overhead, we must remember that such threats are always there, looming. Our responders keep that dark cloud in mind, and they sacrifice hours, days and weeks of their time just to be prepared for a storm we all hope never comes.

Many responders shy away from praise. They do what they do because they’re humble, after all. But if you know one of these people, you should be proud. Considering that this is a small community and nearly everyone knows everyone, we have a lot to be proud of.

We must also note that local businesses and organizations offered food, refreshments and support during the long hours.

Lastly, keeping people updated on the latest is not always easy, especially when things are happening so fast, but we appreciate the cooperation we received during this situation. From the moment we arrived with notepads and cameras, we too become responders. We weren’t there simply because we wanted a big story. Rather, we also sought to update the public through our online medium. With the help of those on the scene, we were able to do just that.