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New Year . . . no problem!

By Staff | Dec 31, 2013

With a new year comes new opportunities. We examine ourselves and our goals, make deadlines and resolutions, and we swear that this year will be “the one.”

The one that’s different, the one when we set out on a path of achievement that only continues to expand in the future, the one that has us finding our niche in society or learning new and exciting things about ourselves.

While these goals are healthy (especially when pertaining to personal health) and hard to avoid making (the subconscious has resolutions, even when we don’t), we have a bit of advice that should be followed before committing to the new year: clear away all of the things from the year before that may get in your way.

It’s only human nature to start things we cannot finish and to keep those unfinished projects lingering around. Our incomplete business comes in many forms, whether mentally, physically, or a combination. Rather than jumping headfirst into something new, try doing away with all of the stumbling blocks that may give you the wrong kind of liftoff and cause you to come crashing down.

The word resolution, after all, has many meanings. Just make sure to keep in mind that it is also defined as: a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy, etc.

Now… we’re not trying to tell you that the difficulties you face are small enough to do away with by using will alone. We’re simply advising that everyone reading this who has established a “New Year’s Resolution” take the time to examine the underlying cause of that resolution. Often, but not always, our wishful thinking and determined desires are the result of another, underlying conflict we have yet to resolve.

So other than that, the only advice we have is to simply enjoy the new year.