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Join the planning process

By Staff | Nov 6, 2013

Nearly two centuries have come and gone, and the time is coming once again to honor the wonderful history of Tyler County. Much has happened (too much to include in a short editorial) since our county’s formation in 1814, and many of those who appreciate this area’s past are currently planning for its future. Particularly, at present, they wish to make its 200th birthday a moment that is equally memorable and historical.

And your involvement is extremely important. After all, what’s a county without its residents?

Keep in mind that many of us travel the scenic roads and cross paths where horses once pulled buggies with little thought of our own living history; we hardly consider that our modern methods of travel may one day seem primitive.

Then there are those outdated municipal ordinances people like to poke fun at– not considering that some of our recent mandates may seem equally laughable a hundred years from now.

To remove yourself so completely from such musings is to risk losing an interest in the past. And what is our future if not a past investment in our present?

We urge all members of the community, as well as organizations and festivals, to incorporate Tyler County’s upcoming bicentennial into their own plans.

The Tyler County Planning Commission is open to suggestions and welcomes your participation. Get your ideas ready and contact them, or attend their bicentennial brainstorming meeting at the Gaslight Theater on Nov. 21.

It’s important to understand that we’re not just going to celebrate history. One way or another, we’ll be a part of it. So join the planning, and become actively involved in the past, present, and future of Tyler County.