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Fall is a time for festivals

By Staff | Sep 18, 2013

Summer seems to be in our rearview, but the festivities in Tyler County never cease, and they never cease to amaze.

This month in particular is festival-packed. Paden City kicked things off with their annual Labor Day Celebration. In Sistersville, Heroes Day and the West Virginia Oil & Gas Festival marked the following weekends, and Marble Fest is coming up at the end of the month. Also, early in October, the Tyler County Fairgrounds will host the 30th annual Middle Island Harvest Festival. (Sorry to any events we may have left out.)

These events are free to attend, and a lot of hard work goes into them. On top of their normal working hours, members of the community sacrifice their own time to make sure we have a place to unwind. They take on a great deal of stress simply to give us a fun and safe outlet.

If that alone isn’t worth celebration, what is?

The weather is fair for the most part, the weeks are busy and there’s a lot to celebrate, particularly that we live in an area rich with heritage and community traditions.

So let’s do ourselves a favor in these fall months, before winter wraps us up and the new year gets underway. Let’s relax!

Take an evening some weekend, go somewhere fun and breathe in that fresh autumn air. Enjoy the changing of the seasons while partaking in the traditions of Tyler County.