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Let your voice be heard

By Staff | Jul 31, 2013

What’s that? We can’t hear you!

Your mouth is moving, but you’re not making a sound. We perceive that you’re expressing a few grievances, but what factual basis do you have behind these qualms? We’re not lip-readers, and we definitely do not have the time to investigate every seemingly shady matter in an entire county.

We’re also not Woodburn and Bernstein, and Tyler County doesn’t have many parking garages where we can meet to discuss matters privately. But what we do have is something just as effective: we have council meetings open to the public and public records kept for your reference, and we also have many hardworking city officials in each municipality who are willing to answer your questions as best as they can; we have a paper that accepts letters to the editor (under 400 words, of course, but that should be enough to fully state any point); and we also have an office on 720 Wells Street in Sistersville, so come see us!

Don’t get us wrong. We’re in no way trying to discourage your comments to us, and we will follow any leads with a factual basis. In fact, we appreciate your input. We’re just stating that your concerns have more sound if you handle them without anonymity, or first and foremost with the proper authorities. We are certainly not trying to provoke angry rabbling at meetings, but we are trying to deliver the facts as best as we can.

So, rather than allowing rumors to persist on the streets, address them (calmly) at an open meeting, and allow those in the proper positions to clarify the facts for the record.

Knowledge is power. With your help, we can empower the people.