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Simply put, thank you

By Staff | Jul 24, 2013

“For what?” you may ask.

Well, for this. And by this, we mean the Tyler Star News. Without our community, we would not be here, and without the local greatness we witness from week to week, often firsthand, we would not take such pride and pleasure in our work. The people of Tyler County make this more than a job. They make it a passion.

Months ago we asked you to keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, and the result has been wonderful. With your input and guidance, we have been able to keep our weekly paper geared toward the immediate happenings in this area. And even when we have prior engagements, residents feel compelled to contribute pictures they have taken as well as corresponding information.

There are weeks when we’re at a mad scramble to make sure every local story makes it into the paper, and while the workload can be difficult to handle at times, we always get it done, and the product is always something that we look at with a sense of accomplishment. When opening the paper the day after deadline conveys an appreciation for the community and all of the wonderful residents and officials who strive to keep it a great place to live, we know that we’ve done our jobs right.

And while not all news is positive (we have a responsibility to be “watch dogs” at times, no matter how much some people want to keep you in the dark or how much you might prefer it there) we feel that the pros far outweigh the cons. Because, like most of the people in Tyler County, we want to see things run as smoothly as possible.

That well-oiled machine is possible due to those who step up and make a difference (first: there are too many of you to mention; and second: you know who you are). Our little area continues to thrive in the face of change because of a dedicated community infrastructure. Even if its a single photo with a small cut line, we’re happy to show what people here can do when they set their minds to it.

So… thank you! Keep the news coming, and we’ll keep reporting it.