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In Defense of Freedom

By Staff | Jun 5, 2013

One may never truly know the cost of freedom that so many have already paid dearly. So many have laid their lives down in the field of battle to ensure that everyone back home may lie their head down in peace without fear. Not only do our brave soldiers fight for their country’s freedom, but also for the freedom for other countries as well. For some, knowing freedom and living in freedom is not enough. Knowing how amazing sweet freedom can be, some thrive to find a way in order to ensure that others may have a chance to both find and obtain freedom.

What exactly is freedom? A bald eagle symbolizes our country’s freedom in more ways than one. Not only does this bird fly freely within its home area with little fear of being shot down, but it also flies to other places far away and graces others with the sight of its beauty. True, the bald eagle is now facing extinction, but the eagle still soars through the sky, even more determined than ever before.

Currently, our country is faced with many threats, but like the eagle, we continue to soar. Young men and women take up arms and fly into places that most of us can hardly imagine. These brave individuals leave the one place where they had little or no fear of being killed by enemies and go into a place where they are the target of their oppressors. They willingly put themselves in danger out of the need to maintain their country’s freedom. Even more so, as they try to help other countries obtain a freedom that might be nothing more than a dream.

What is freedom but an unseen prize that burns deeply in so many individuals’ hearts? Many brave soldiers go into battle knowing that they may never come home and see their loved ones ever again. Knowing they may never return, these brave soldiers go into battle with a mind set on defending the freedom of our country so that their loved ones may live in peace and freedom for many more years to come. Where would we be if it was not for the brave men and women who risk, and too often, lose their life upon another country’s soil in order to ensure that their country’s soil remains free so our flag can fly just as freely as the bald eagle?

In defense of freedom, many young men and women have turned into warriors that will fight to their last breath. Some come home with their mind changed forever, while others are unable to return home at all. Sadly, we have soldiers that are prisoners on an enslaved land, and regretfully, we have lost souls whose bodies may never return to their loved ones. Not many soldiers return home without a wound, whether that wound is physical or emotional. Pieces of both men and women are lost upon our enemy’s soil, yet still we have soldiers willing to fight. They fight for our freedom and too often risk their lives and overall well-being in defense of freedom.