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Words have many meanings

By Staff | May 1, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air, and so is the word love. But there’s also another word floating around out there, and its connotation differs depending on which end of the age spectrum you happen to fall.

That word is prom.

For some students, it is a right of passage, a ceremony our culture shines great light on and showers with indulgent funds; for other students, it is a thing to be neglected, a way to rebel and conform further to their sacred unconformity; for some parents and teachers, it is a chance to vicariously relive their glory days; and for those of us nail biters, it becomes a literal four-letter curse word.

Other four-letter words it brings to mind may be: cops, jail, loss, pain, dead, and even a crime so abysmal the printing of it would cause a fuss, so let’s just split it into an acronym. Reaching-A-Pathetic-Evil.

Prom may mean many things to many people, but it’s up to those involved (especially the students, because prom doesn’t always stop when the chaperones aren’t around) to make responsible choices to try and insure that none of those horrible words happen. We have a great community, and we mourn together when a night meant for making memories becomes a night we wish we could forget.

So make good memories, for all of us.