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A sacrifice we can’t afford to make

By Staff | Apr 24, 2013

It’s one of those sorrowful facts that we, as a society, too often come to accept: the cutting of art and music funding in schools. Especially in economically hard times, these programs seem to take the back burner for other, more “worthily mandated” fields of study.

But even in times when we are forced to make sacrifices, we must keep in mind that expressive outlets are vital to the creative and personal maturation of students. Don’t forget that, whether more recently or long, long ago, you were most likely one of those developing individuals bursting with new emotions and wonders for this ever-captivating world. The more options and outlets we allow for them at these important times, the better chance our youth will have of growing to make an artistic impact on this world, or at the very least, a positive impact on themselves through the nurturing of a hobby. Psychology may seem trivial at times, but we can all agree that constructive venting is a great coping mechanism as we change and as things around us do the same.

We also should not forget the brave patrons of the arts that exist as positive role models in our education system. Our art programs are still thriving because of them. They are there no matter what, and they are an inspiration.