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Help given is help received

By Staff | Mar 13, 2013

We recently urged readers with ideas, information on upcoming events and newsworthy stories to come forward, and so far we are very pleased with the outcome. That being said, the Tyler Star News is not the only local organization in need of community input.

Tyler County law enforcement departments, for example, are stepping up to meet the challenges created by an increase in crime, especially involving drugs and drug-related activities. But no matter what you read in books or see on television, police work is not a perfect science. Although law enforcement is a profession to be proud of, officers are not so proud that they will completely dismiss the information you give them. Assuming that information is reasonable and well grounded, they are more than willing to keep your tips in mind. Their commitment is evident by how closely Tyler County police departments work together, as well as their participation in neighborhood watch programs.

City councils are also more than happy to hear the needs of the people, thus explains the community forums they incorporate into each meeting although they are too often met with the tweeting of cricket legs when that moment comes. We are not suggesting that you round up an angry mob, storm each council meeting, and air out your lungs, but rather that you put the remote down, attend the meetings regularly, and relieve those concerns a little at a time. What goes on nationwide and worldwide is important, yes, but great effective change starts in communities like ours, with people who still know how to cooperate. Keep in mind that records are open and council members are your representatives.

When it comes to those who keep our community safe and make big decisions, remember that help given is help received.