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Stop really does mean stop

By Staff | Feb 13, 2013

Much will be made of the new stop signs in Sistersville placed on the corners of Wells Street. Some residents will argue that the signs are needed. Others will feel just as strong that the signs are a waste of money and time. Few will take into consideration the real reason for the signs, which is safety.

Because our office is located at 720 Wells St., the staff at the Tyler Star News has had many occasions to observe traffic as it travels through our fair city. At least once a day vehicles travel the wrong way down the one-way street; many drivers exceed the 15 mph speed limit; and more often than not when cars reach the corner, the majority of drivers slow down for a “California” stop, not a full stop.

Perhaps the clean, bright, very noticeable, new signs will grab some attention from drivers now. Perhaps the signs will do their job and drivers will pay a little more attention to the road. Perhaps there will be fewer “close calls” and the sound of screeching brakes will not bring every one running to make sure no one was seriously injured following a fender bender.

Since about 1925 stopping at a stop sign is the law, and breaking that law can and should bring a fine to the driver disregarding it.

After all, drivers aren’t the only ones using the roads.