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Showing support

By Staff | Sep 19, 2012

Often times, human nature makes us reactive rather than proactive. However, it is how we respond to adversity that shows what we are made of.

Since being diagnosed with leukemia, Brock Yeater has shown his toughness, both physically and mentally, as he has fought his battle. So too has the Tyler County community, who has stepped up to the plate to help Brock and his family through what amounts to the most difficult time in his life thus far.

This past weekend, that support was on full display, as Brock’s classmates, teachers, coaches, friends and family took time to raise awareness for leukemia.

September is National Leukemia Awareness Month, though it could be argued too many in our community are fully aware of leukemia and the life changing effects it can have. Nonetheless, during Friday’s football game, players wore orange decals on their helmets, cheerleaders wore orange ribbons in their hair and members of the band wore pins on their hats in an effort to both support and educate the community. Those in attendance were handed buttons promoting leukemia awareness.

That sentiment carried throughout the weekend, as the Tyler girls’ soccer team dedicated a game to Brock, while the cheerleaders and their parents sold t-shirts and bracelets in support of Brock and his battle.

Though no amount of community support can change the past, it very well could change the future. With the support of the community, Brock and others in his situation know they are never alone. And with events such as Leukemia Awareness Month, parents and children are educated to look for potential warning signs to catch the issue before it grows out of control.

The sad reality is leukemia will continue to affect our loves ones. But with the support of the community, Tyler County residents should rest easy knowing the battle is one we are all prepared to fight.