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Community pride

By Staff | Sep 19, 2012

As high school marching bands, community organizations and other invited guests made their way down Well Street Saturday as part of the Oil and Gas Festival parade, one sound stuck out above the banging of drums and revving of engines.

No matter where a particular band or marcher called home, they were welcome and applauded by several along the parade route. The marching bands in particular, with students walking the route in heavy band uniforms before heading to the Band-A-Rama for what resulted in a long day, were paid respect and appreciation by the residents lining the streets.

Likewise, while many of the younger attendees were likely there for the free candy, they were also respectful when respect was to be shown. Several young children along the route put down their bags of candy and clapped as America’s colors were marched past. Following the example set by their parents and elders around them, they may not have understood what they were doing and why, but a very important lesson was being taught.

The Oil and Gas Festival is just one of several events that draw outsiders to Tyler County, serving as an opportunity to let others know that the county has plenty to offer.

If Saturday is any indication, those visitors will return home with the impression that Tyler County not only takes pride in its own, but also shows respect and gratitude to others. And for that, we have much for which to be proud.