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A new boom

By Staff | Sep 13, 2012

Even as industry changes in the county, Sistersville’s oil and gas history is ever present.

From the oil rigs displaying the “Welcome to Sistersville WV” sign off W.Va. 2, to the historic markers and Little Sister rig near the Ohio River, constant reminders of the city’s rich heritage are easy to spot in town.

This weekend, visitors from around the state will join local residents in celebrating that history, a history that allowed Tyler County to earn the stigma of being one of the most prominent gas and oil producing areas in the country.

While taking time to reflect, learn and appreciate the county’s past, there is much to be thankful for with the current state of the oil and gas industry in Tyler County. Every day, county residents are signing leases to allow gas and oil companies to drill and produce those products on their property.

In a little more than 100 years, the big business that is the gas and oil industry has returned, in some ways promising a repeat of history in Tyler County.

Though the industry can cause its share of issues, the boom has also benefitted the county in a number of ways. In addition to a new source of income for county residents in terms of leases and deeds, new jobs are constantly being created in our region. Out-of-state companies are regularly shopping in our stores and eating in our restaurants,which is something for which to be thankful.

As Tyler County’s rich past is celebrated this weekend, we hope those in attendance can make connections to the current oil and gas boom, one that could be worth celebrating 100 years from now.