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Small business saves the day

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

The storm that hit on Friday night just before dusk left more than two million people without electricity, including every local municipality. No electric for some just meant no lights, no television and no air conditioning, but for others it meant no water and no oxygen. Families unprepared for the storms after effects found themselves scrambling to save refrigerated and freezer items, scavenging for flashlights, batteries, candles, bread, peanut butter and water.

Luckily for those affected in our area, we have small businesses who go the extra mile for their customers . . . and the devastation of the most recent storms brought the best out in them. While some large chain stores were instructing their employees to load perishable items onto refrigerated trucks, small business owners in our community were busy helping their customers, their neighbors.

They were escorting residents down dark grocery store aisles with flashlights, cooking food on hand before it went bad and giving it away, starting a “tab” for items purchased when necessary, and personally checking on regular customers to see if help was needed.

The “big box” stores do their best to draw us in with their low prices and special deals . . . but when the wolf came to our door they were no where to be found. Our small business owners stood along side us, battling back the beast with everything they had.

We not only owe them our thanks, we owe these businesses our allegiance for all they’ve done and continue to do for us in our hour of need. They deserve our appreciation and support, now more than ever.