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It’s Nothing Personal

By Staff | Jun 13, 2012

Generally speaking, reporters are not your friend or your enemy. They simply have a job to do.

Journalists are either welcomed with open arms, or fought off with a ten-foot-pole. Sometimes both tactics are used, depending on the venue and circumstance. Their mere presence in court proceedings or governmental meetings can be likened to handing the public a proverbial rope – what they do with it is entirely their business.

In the same breath, the staff of the Tyler Star News is committed to the service of this community. For this reason, our journalistic approach to the stories we share with our readers is more forgiving than the approach of larger newspapers. This doesn’t mean, however, the information imparted or the actions taken in our presence is not duly noted.

In short, if you make a comment, be prepared to stand behind your words. If you make a fuss during a public meeting, rest assured you will stand accountable for your actions. It’s nothing personal. It’s just our job.