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Addiction’s Consequence

By Staff | Mar 7, 2012

Illicit drug use is an inescapable fact in society. Both illegal drugs and prescription drugs, when abused, carry a terrible price – for the user, and for the community.

There can be no argument that those who abuse any drug are charting a path of destruction. Drug abuse affects individuals living in addiction in every aspect of life. Addiction destroys the addict and destroys families. In effect, it creates a separate and often dominant personality whose only function and purpose is to feed the monster of addiction.

When living in addiction, nothing else matters. Parents, friends, co-workers, children, and society in general take a back seat to the all-consuming need the addict has for the drug. Any and all measures will be taken in order to satisfy the urge to acquire and use the drug of choice, to fill up the black hole addiction creates.

When addiction takes control, it is no respecter of persons. It is no respecter of the law. And in society, we are forced to make hard choices and face uncomfortable realities, when our loved ones succumb to the temptations and are forced to suffer the consequences of their addiction.

When the law is violated, even when the impetus for the act is addiction, we cannot allow that motivation to be used as excuse to escape the consequences of criminal behavior.

The sad truth is, the addict is the one who committed the crime. The person who became the addict is the one who must be held accountable – not only for his addiction, but for his actions against society, as well.