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A Christmas Miracle

By Staff | Dec 21, 2011

When the Tyler Star News was published last week, the Jaycees’ account was suffering. With more calendar days behind us than ahead, we were hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Little by little, generous donations have poured into our office from churches, organizations and individuals from all areas of the county. Large and small, monetary and tangible, every dollar and every toy was combined.

And, somehow, together, we created a miracle just in time for the holidays.

This was our opportunity to say, “thank you.” This was our moment to shine. This was our time to step up, and make a difference in this community -not for notoriety, not for prestige, for “A Child’s Christmas.”

For all our differences and opinions, it’s refreshing to know we can come together as a community.

It’s a miracle, a true miracle, that shines like a Bethlehem star, as communities join as one to provide joy and good cheer to neighbors and friends who need a little extra help.!