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Kindness keeps the magic alive

By Staff | Nov 30, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town in less than 25 days.

He’s real, you know?

And, you don’t have to believe in a man of flesh and blood who carries toys in a big red sleigh to be a believer in the legend. Santa is a figurative representation of the magic of the Christmas season, the blessings you receive throughout the year and those we share with your neighbors.

Indeed, Santa is real – he exists in the spirit of the season as evidenced by the smiles on the faces of your children of Christmas morning. His reflection is seen in the eyes of the needy family who received something extra this year, thanks to the generosity of their neighbors. His mission is made real in the sense of community that comes from sharing of yourselves.

As you scurry about to ready yourselves for the holiday, remember that Christmas is about more than the gifts. It’s bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Christmas about sharing with your neighbors, showing compassion for those in need and loving one another.

Your kindness is the least expensive gift you can give. Give someone a flower. Eat lunch with someone new. Listen with your heart. Visit a sick friend. Clean a neighbor’s sidewalk. Offer someone a hug. Give an unexpected gift. make a new friend. Pick up litter along the road or in the park. Say, “hello.” Call someone who is lonely. Open a door. Cheer up a friend. Buy someone’s meal. Thank a teacher. Give blood. Do one act of kindness every day. Leave a ‘thank you’ note. Offer your seat to someone. Tip generously. Be tolerant of others. Let another person go first. Bake cookies for emergency workers. Tutor a student. Give someone a compliment. Read to a child. Lend a helping hand. Celebrate the day. Respect others. Encourage a child. Forgive mistakes. Drive courteously. Share a smile. . .

If you give of yourself this Christmas, don’t be surprised if you hear the sound of sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.

Keep the magic alive.