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Another animal tragedy

By Staff | Sep 21, 2011

A small, gray kitten that was badly burned by a pair of young boys in late August has found a happy ending and a forever home thanks to the Olive Branch, a good samaritan and an animal lover.

Spirit, whose tail was burnt beyond recognition, was taken to the Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge in Sistersville, where he was treated by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, his tail had to be removed as a result of his injuries. But Linda Henriksen, director of the Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge in Sistersville, said his wounds have completely healed and he is doing very well.

But Spirit’s happy ending might be overshadowed by another animal’s tragedy.

Semi, a large breed dog, is the latest addition to the OBARR population, but she wasn’t found in the best of health. She was abandoned on the side of the road near Elk Fork, and had a large gash (filled with maggots) on her back when she came to the farm. She also suffered a burst ear drum and an abrasion to her ear, which Dr. Meckley believes was caused by a “severe shaking” from a large animal.

Semi has been through a very bad experience, but she has a strong spirit and will to live, in spite of the cruelty she’s endured.

How does a pet – a member of a household – run off without anyone noticing she is gone? How do people who abandon their animals on the streets and back roads of our county sleep at night?

We realize our Tyler County does not have an animal shelter. . .this ongoing issue has caused all kinds of problems throughout the county. . .but we should be more responsible than to take in animals we can’t care for, or allow animals to constantly breed. After all, if we spay and neuter our pets, we can control the animal population.