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A Plea for the Pioneers

By Staff | Aug 31, 2011

Recently, the Tyler Star News joined forces with a descendant of Sistersville’s founding family to spark interest in preserving the resting place of the pioneers of the area.

The Wells family cemetery is located behind the “Welkin” mansion, adjacent to Sistersville General Hospital. Sadly, most area residents are not even aware of its exisitence, hence its current condition. The property is in dire need of a perpetual care plan and some “tender loving care.” While we do not feel it is the responsibility of the City of Sisterville to bear the burden of the clean-up effort, we do agree that something MUST be done. . .and very soon.

Since the first story ran in the Tyler Star News, a few residents have expressed their desire to help. Others are simply grateful the issue has been brought to the public’s eye. Jana Kincaid, a Wells descendant, is especially thankful for the attention the cemetery has received of late.

Lisa Post received the following letter from Mrs. Kincaid this week:

“Dear Ms. Post, Thank you for a job well done and the follow-up phone call. I’m touched by your passionate understanding and grasp of the need to learn about and respect the pioneers of the area. Their resting place is right on the edge of town they settled and (it) deserved to be well tended.

“Running In Circles is a beautiful piece and captures perfectly the essence of the situation. I’m very grateful for your help; you’ve set the ball rolling.”

“Also, please convey my appreciation to Editor Corley for the space in the Star News on Aug. 24, 2011 for once out-of-town person’s plea for help.”

* * * *

Mrs. Kincaid, It’s our duty and our pleasure to bring to light those things which are often overlooked. We sincerely hope the community will take action to ensure the resting place of the pioneers is respectfully preserved.