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The Gift of Your Presence

By Staff | Jun 15, 2011

“Any fellow can make a baby – but it takes a father to make a son or daughter.”

If that’s not already in ‘Bartlett’s Quotations,’ it should be.

Children long for the guiding, supportive influence of their fathers. With it, they stand a better chance of growing up strong and whole. Without that influence Well, we’ve seen that pretty graphically in our society.

The missing father is a very strong predictor of less success in school, more likelihood of being in the criminal justice system – overall, a poorer sense of well-being.

To absent fathers: Do whatever is in your power to become present in your children’s lives. Show up. You have no idea how much your children need you just to be there.

And for fathers fortunate enough to be living with their children, “presence” is as much a state of mind as a geographic fact.

Children learn respect and love from you – for others, and for themselves. Give them the best that you have.