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Big City Entertainment

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

The audience settled into their seats, popcorn in hand, anxiously awaiting the show. On the stage stood a brightly colored backdrop. Music played in the background to set the mood for a night of laughter.

Nationally renowned comedy shows are luxuries some people travel miles to enjoy. And yet, Saturday evening more than 100 residents eagerly gathered at the Gaslight Theater in Sistersville to see three big-city comedians in their own back yard.

One of comedians remarked that he had played a theater in Pittsburgh the night before where 140 were in attendance. In Sistersville, the same comedian stood on a stage half the size of the one in Pennsylvania and entertained an audience 120 strong. In contrast to the populations, it’s clear the brand of entertainment Charles Winslow is offering is what we have been waiting for. What’s more, it’s bringing more people to Tyler County.

With rumors of additional shows in the future, we may have to forego the excuse “there is nothing to do in this area” and find another reason to complain.