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Giving Is A Privilege

By Staff | Nov 17, 2010

This year, with the uncertainty of the economy and the ever-increasing unemployment rate, some may consider bypassing charitable causes, yet these are the very times our community’s needs are the greatest.

The economy is so shaky and people we know have been laid-off work. We go over an internal monologue about keeping life simple and saving money. And in doing so, we almost talk ourselves out of making donations at the end of the year – just this year – when things are tight.

But many people need help. When our neighbors have rising fuel and food bills, prescriptions to buy and tenuous job security, it is the very time we need to be generous.

Giving matters; the size of the gift is up to you.

Giving makes us happy; A recent Harvard study concluded that people who give to others are happier in life.

Listen to your heart; Whether your interest is animals, the environment, health or your community, your gift can meet a pressing need.

Remember, giving is a privilege, so give all you can.