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Support the Silver Knights

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

For several weeks we have been doing our part to show the student-athletes at Tyler Consolidated High School that we are behind them 100 percent, regardless of the outcome.

As a staff we have posted signs in our windows; we have called for more support in our weekly columns; and we have cheered the various teams on from the stands. We believe we are doing our part, but the picture is much boarder than our view from the corner of Charles and Wells.

Recently a thread on our Web site called for the firing of a head coach in light of his team’s lack of wins this season. Though the statistics cannot be denied, Tyler County may be missing the mark by placing the full force of the blame on the coaching staff.

We can speculate as to why the Silver Knights have found themselves on the losing side of the scoreboard. We can cast the blame on the coaches or on unforeseen injuries, but the bottom line is, the drive is just not there. But perhaps it’s because the athletes do not believe we are behind them whether they win or lose. Perhaps it’s because we are not in the stands every opportunity we get to cheer them to victory or at the very least, to raise their spirits after defeat.

Everyone wants a winning team. We dare say that if the numbers were reversed, everyone in Tyler County would race to the stadium to watch the hometown heroes slaughter their opponents. The reality of the situation shows this is not the case. However, that it takes a pure brand of school spirit to cheer on a team that has failed time and time again. Are we merely fair-weather fans?

We lack spirit, not talent. We lack unity, not coaching skills. As a community-at-large, we have failed to put forth the a unified effort to support our children and their activities. We are holding on to the ancient rivalries of yesterday. Our spitefulness and anger over the closing of Tyler County High School and Sistersville High School will not allow us to move forward and give the alumni of Tyler Consolidated the respect they deserve or the students who currently attend the school the support they need.

Several years ago, a gentleman said, “A school without a community does not have spirit.” This may be the truest explanation for where we stand today in Tyler County.

It’s high time we move past our differences, establish a community for the students of Tyler Consolidated High School and show the Silver Knights how important they are to us.

After all, we are all Tyler Countians regardless of our Alma Mater.