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Someone Is Always Watching

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

Your character is defined by what you do and say when you think no one is watching (or no one cares) – but trust us, someone is ALWAYS watching.

Working at the newspaper, we are privileged to information and more often than not if someone misbehaves or misrepresents our community during an event or school function, we hear about it.

Thankfully, instances of misconduct by students and parents while visiting other schools are rare. In fact, most people are impressed by how well we practice our manners.

On the contrary, we are often bombarded by reports on our opponents, their parents and other spectators. Heckling, poor sportsmanship and aggressive behavior on the field or in the stands are never warranted, regardless of your perfect record.

Remember, someone is always watching you!

Kudos to the athletes and fans of the Silver Knights for keeping your cool in uncomfortable situations.