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Support Local Business

By Staff | Sep 1, 2010

We could fill the newspaper with a laundry list of people and organizations in need of funds. Let’s face it – the economy is terrible, our buildings are empty and our coffers are drying up quickly.

No one is immune to financial struggles, so when a local business breaks free from the oppression of a parent corporation in debt to the government, we should celebrate.

We would like to congratulate John Bell and the staff of Bell Chevrolet for sticking to their guns in the face of federal arbitration which threatened to end their franchise for good. We look forward to seeing shiny new cars on your lot for many years to come.

In keeping with the theme of supporting our neighbors, in the coming months the Tyler Star News will feature a series of local businesses in the “Spotlight on Business” section of the newspaper. We urge you to read the articles and support your local economy by shopping locally.

In doing so, you can help rebuild our community coffers and perhaps prevent yet another empty storefront in Tyler County.