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History is ‘Reborn’

By Staff | Aug 25, 2010

It could be harolded as the second-coming of Walker Boyd or the reincarnation or visitation of Sistersville’s founder, Charles Wells – but whatever you call ‘it’, the renovation project at the Wells Inn spearheaded by Charles and Kim Winslow promises to have a huge impact on Tyler County as a whole.

Built around the turn of the century, the historic three-storied structure is as much a part of our rich history as the brick streets scattered throughout the town or the oil that once flowed from the derricks. The Wells Inn serves as a constant reminder of what we ‘used’ to be and gives us hope for what we ‘will’ be again.

With its grand re-opening looming on the horizon, the ‘glass half-full’ optimists are reveling in the possibilities that may follow as the Winslows breathe new life into the keystone of our community and the bridge to economic growth.

We celebrate the rebirth of the Wells Inn and wish the Winslows the best of luck in their endeavors.