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People Want To Live Here

By Staff | Apr 14, 2010

People want to live here.

People want to live here?

It’s a statement for those who are moving to Tyler County from other states and a question for those of us who are already here.

But this is quite honestly one of the greatest communities to live in, by far.

We have a wonderful school system full of teachers who often go out of their way to ensure our children are well-educated and ready for the real world.

We have great neighbors who, when we are down on our luck, will collect money to help pay for our medical expenses, deliver care packages to our homes and collect food to feed the hungry. It’s a county where the ‘honor system’ is still in use.

Our county is full of buildings and areas of historical significance from the County Home to the ferryboat and the Wells Inn. Are we as proud as we should be to live here?

So, while we may not be living up to our fullest potential now, there is still hope for our communities and our businesses as new blood fill our veins.

People want to live here!