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A True Community

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

The gymnasium at Paden City High School seats 900 spectators; but on March 25 more than one thousand people packed the area, overflowing into the hallway, to support PCHS.

The public hearing gave business men, teachers, alumni, students and neighbors an opportunity to voice their concerns with the 10-year plan laid out by the Wetzel County Board of Education.

With one unified voice, they called for revisions to the CEFP that would close their school in 2012. With applause, cheers, signage and tears, the community came together in the fight to preserve the cornerstone of Paden City because they believe.

We can sit in our homes and complain; we can get angry that PCHS is in the headines once again; we can write letters and create message boards because we are tired of seeing “green”; but the citizens and supporters of Paden City High School will still have one up on us.

They have fought for their identity, and will continue to fight until the Board of Education makes their final decision.

Now that’s community!