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Losing Their Identity

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010

We use cliches, axioms and anecdotes to explain away the things in life that don’t make sense. But it seldom has more than a numbing effect and quickly wears off.

Time heals all wounds? Ask the residents of Middlebourne and Sistersville who graduated before the consolidation of their alma maters. Although they support the students of Tyler Consolidated High School, they know all too well the effects the closings had on their hometowns and the county as a whole.

The sad truth is, most small towns find their identity in their high school and when it is no longer the cornerstone of the community, the people and the businesses suffer.

Four miles north of Sistersville, the residents of another small town are battling to keep their identity. Although they are not losing out to a consolidation, the proposal to absorb the students into another high school within the county will have the same devastating effect on Paden City.

On March 25 at 6 p.m., the community will have a chance to voice their opinion on the closing of Paden City High School. Whether we support the school or not, we all know what will happen when the school is no longer there.

Are you willing to stand idly by and watch another community fall to ruin?