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Awesome absolutely fits

By Staff | Mar 3, 2010

When asked to comment on the three National Merit finalists at Tyler Consolidated High School appearing on the front page this week, counselor Terri McCoy, said, “It’s awesome”.

That three students from a student body of about 400 could be in the final selection for such a prestigious national award, is amazing. Especially when you realize that 1.5 million students enter to be recognized for the scholarship and only 50,000 of those qualify.

That 50,000 qualified and three of those that not only qualified, but made it through a semi-finalist selection process and are now in a select group of finalists . . . are ours . . . is incredible.

Not only do we wish to congratulate these three outstanding students for all they have accomplished, but wait with baited breath and fingers crossed in hopes that we will be congratulating them again soon, as National Merit winners.

Because what they have done, what they achieved, and what awaits them is indeed awesome.