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Your help matters

By Staff | Jan 20, 2010

There is no better time than the present to point out the fact that monetary donations are always needed. No matter the time of year, no matter the cause, someone – somewhere is always soliciting donations. We give freely from our hearts and wallets to favorite local charities and tried and true organizations that help others in our own communities. We are often quick to drop a dollar bill into a bucket at the grocery store or spare change into a jar with a child’s picture on it sitting on the counter of our local convenience store.

But when our hard earned dollars are being solicited over the televison screen or via the daily newspaper to assist those we don’t know, have no connection with and are not related to, we are less likely to feel the need to help. Is it because we only feel the need to help our own? Is it because we can not see the results of our donations up-close and personal? Or is it because we just don’t care.

No, it is simply because we feel our meager offerings of a few dollars will not help larger fund rasing activities.

When organizations state “every dollar helps”, it’s true. Your dollar, our dollar, your neighbors dollar alone can not do much, but together, with all the other dollars contributed to a certain cause can quickly turn into hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars of assistance for those in need.

Such is the case now, with two different disasters, worlds apart, yet both in dire need of assistance. One is a world away from us, the other, just a county to the west. One needs your donation to provide necessities for helpless human beings in a fight for their very lives . . . the other could use your contributions to care for innocent animals with no one else to help them. Your contributions, your dollars, your help . . . matters.

Monetary donations can be made for relief and assistance for the devastation in Haiti caused by an earthquake by visiting the website: www.networkforgood.org, and choosing a charity to send much needed funds to. They need our help.

To help the Ritchie County Animal Shelter who lost a building, several animals and the majority of their supplies to care for animals in a fire on Jan. 13th, funds can be mailed to Ritchie Co. HS Building Fund, RR 1, Box 3, Harrisville, WV 26362. They need our help.