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Let Us Give ‘Thanks’

By Staff | Nov 25, 2009

“Let us give thanks,” the holiday screams. “Thanks for those who are important in our lives, thanks for our health, thanks for who we are and what we have.”

But wait.

Maybe it’s about time we took a good long look at our list of thank-you’s here in Tyler County and give thanks for what we don’t have.

…Thanks for not being part of a metropolis where your neighbors are strangers and all are to busy to take note of one individual.

…Thanks that we don’t have concrete for yards and have to pay an entrance fee to go to the city park.

…Thanks for the lack of traffic jams, major crime, and pollution.

…Thanks for the lack of night life, gaudy neon advertisements, noise, and the high cost of living.

…Thanks that our children do not have to choose the high school they attend for safety reasons and that they don’t have to cross through metal detectors for entrance.

We should be thankful that we don’t have to look at a painting to see the beauty that God created -it’s in our back yards.

…Thanks that a trip to town does not take two buses and $6 in fares – it’s just a short walk or a ride with a friend.

Let us be thankful for not living in a place plagued by earthquakes, monsoons and hurricanes.

Let us be thankful that thousands of our children are not starving and homeless.

Let us be thankful that evil is not prevalent among our citizens.

We are a proud people…we Tyler Countians. We work hard, take care of our own and strive to make our communities decent places for our children to raise their children.

Let us be thankful -very thankful indeed -for those values.

And for those important in our lives, our health, who we are, what we have…and what we don’t have.