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Hodge-podge rules the day

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

With varied opinions throughout the community, it’s nice to know the Sistersville City Council has the best interest’s of the citizens in mind when making decisions that could make or break the city.

As most of you know, the hot topic of late has been the proposed ordinance to prohibit the placement of mobile homes in the City of Sistersville.

Since it was formally presented at the council meeting, many people have expressed their opinions on the subject, but the general consensus was that banning mobile homes all together would not promote growth in the community and would only serve as a wedge to drive us further apart as a community.

The Mayor and the council members had the right idea when they decided to approach the delicate issue with zoning instead of restrictions.

As we understand, after the zoning has been completed no one will be allowed to place a mobile home in the historic district, along W.Va. 2 (on Chelsea Street) or on the riverfront.

Existing mobile homes will be grandfathered in, but once they are removed another mobile home cannot be moved in its place.

Sounds like the council members heard the voices of the masses loud and clear and developed a plan to please everyone involved.

On another note, the Tyler Star News can still be counted among the award-winning newspapers in the state. As a staff, we brought in two second place awards and two honorable mention awards in the 2008 West Virginia Press Association Better Newspapers Contest. Not bad for a weekly with a relatively young staff.

We are also pleased to announce that out sister paper to the north, the Wetzel Chronicle, received several awards including a third place General Excellence award. Way to go!!