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We Don’t Have the Right

By Staff | Jul 15, 2009

Do we as citizens have the right to tell other citizens what to do with property they own?

Should we prohibit people from moving to our town simply because they cannot afford to buy or build a brand new home?

Are we too good to share our community with people in a lower income bracket?

With the state of the economy and the increase of unemployment, some families have been forced to leave their homes and downsize. For some this means a smaller home, for others it may mean a mobile home.

Who are we to judge those families?

There is an ordinance on the table calling for the restriction of mobile homes in the City of Sistersville. Some of your neighbors agree there is a way to please both sides through zoning. Others say they want trailers out of Sistersville completely.

Let your voice be heard. Attend the council meetings.