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What Are You Missing?

By Greg Kozera - | May 26, 2021

Are birds more active this year or am I slowing down enough to finally notice them? We have a lot of singing and chirping birds in our neighborhood. It seems like they are everywhere and active throughout the day. I have never noticed the diversity of sounds I’m hearing this year. From our bedroom window we can see two active bird nests with pairs of birds are sitting on their eggs. We are waiting to see baby birds.

Maybe it is a result of COVID that I’m slowing down to appreciate little things my wife, Lynnda does and says. Our children all live out of state in Maryland. Because of COVID we missed a lot of family time last year. We are making up for lost time.Over Mother’s Day weekend we went to see our children and grandchildren in Maryland. My daughter and I ran a half-marathon on Saturday morning. This was my second half-marathon since my soccer injury in October 2019. I missed these long runs with Dannielle. We spend our running time together talking. I’m slower since the injury. We now have three hours of one on one time together with no interruptions. This time together is special especially since the pandemic. Dannielle does my training even though she is 6 hours away. We do our long training runs on weekends. I get a text from Dannielle on Saturday mornings after she runs her miles. A gentle nudge for me to run mine. Together we cut 11 minutes off my last half- marathon time, putting me within striking distance of my preinjury times.

Our youngest son just got his second COVID vaccine shot, surprising us. It took courage on his part since he had a severe reaction after the first shot. Part of his face even went numb. He is allergic to bee stings and was told after the fact, sometimes there can be reactions. After doing some research and talking to doctors he chose to get the second shot. He didn’t tell us until after the fact. With the additional risk, I asked him why he took the second shot? He said, it was out of concern for his family. He knew he had to set the example if he expected his family to get vaccinated for their protection. He also sent a message to those who work for him. As a leader, getting the second shot with his risk sent a message about how important he thinks it is to be vaccinated. It’s not what we say. It is what we do.

My son didn’t want to miss family time.

On recent trips, with planning, we were able to stop and see friends and family we had not seen since before the pandemic and my injury. It was good to visit face to face and catch up. No one is getting younger. The pandemic reminded us how precious life is. When we find ourselves thinking about a friend or family member we make a point to call them. This has produced surprising results. Many times, we learn they were also thinking about us and wanted to talk. Fortunately, we called.

One of the most precious gifts we have is our time. Shouldn’t we use it to make a positive difference in people’s lives?

It is important to clear our minds and be open to the world around us. Flowers this spring and the beauty of trees in bloom have been incredible. It has been a blessing to be able to travel again. There are many things we can take for granted or miss all together.

At Shale Crescent USA we are now having live meetings routinely. I had my first out of town business dinner this week for the first time since the pandemic. We had a great time. It is fun to get out and meet with people again. The company we had dinner with became interested in Shale Crescent USA after a presentation we did at a conference almost two years ago.

The process slowed down because of the pandemic. This company hired two U.S. employees in “the Crescent” and will create jobs manufacturing AND taking waste plastic out of the environment to use for feedstock instead of all virgin resin. They have a negative carbon footprint.

The next morning, I did a long run. Usually I’m very focused but this morning a mother duck and her 9 baby ducklings crossed the trail in front of me. I stopped and watched one of nature’s miracles as the mother duck lead her ducklings down to the creek.

Shale Crescent USA was on Plastic News Livestream this week discussing the advantages plastics processors now have over China by making products in the U.S. and even greater by manufacturing in the Shale Crescent USA. China has grown to become a manufacturing powerhouse since their entry into the World Trade Association. We import over $500 billion in products from China annually. Americans learned during the pandemic how dangerous it is to depend on imports for critical products especially healthcare products and PPE. They want to see manufacturing come back to the USA and create jobs.

As China increased manufacturing they also increased their GHG and other emissions. This does not include China’s GHG emissions to import oil and ship their products to the world. China’s GHG emissions are still increasing while the U.S. is decreasing its GHG emissions. The message for U.S. manufacturers is, they now have the ability to become more profitable, more sustainable and take market from China by making some of the $500 billion in annual imports back in the USA.

This information was readily available. Like so many things in our personal lives it was missed. With work Shale Crescent USA put it together in ways to help people understand the opportunity.

What are you missing? Enjoy the magic of nature and people in your life. Look. Think. Smell the roses and smile!