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Friendly Ways & Byways

By Susan Stoneking - | May 12, 2021

I could write about how this time of year Sistersville starts coming alive with classmates from near and far. Or I could be writing about how the store windows took on a different reminder of days gone by, or I could tell you that floats would be worked on and hidden from other classes so that the biggest and best would not be revealed until parade time. I could tell you that the Sistersville Tiger Band would soon be meeting at Kitty Knowlson’s for band practice or that she was always having refreshments for the members. I could be telling you that the town would be aglow with Sistersville Tigers, still roaring to < “The Eye Of the Tiger'” Oh how many times we heard that . We only wish we could close our eyes and see The Tiger football team running down the field after the other team was run over by Joel Wilson, and the Swishers and Matt Snodgrass were off to score. I could write about the Best Band in the Land…..ok that is my opinion, but who won many honors and got home at 3 a.m, and had a parade in the middle of town, Oh yes, I was there. I could tell you about how excited Charlie Stewart and Chuck Laugh were about the Oooga Booga and about the fight song. I could tell you about the choir from Sistersville that did so well and just how beautiful those voices were or about the Royality in families as girls were crowned Homecoming or prom Queens. Yes i could tell you all this but I am sure you have ties to the memories as I do.

The building still sits. She was a beauty and always will be in a Tiger’s eye. Now take a peek inside and if you close your eyes you can hear the typewriters from Mrs. Lori’s room, the sewing machines from Mrs. Herbolts, The music from John Paul Lynh’s music room , Mrs. Dilliman still explaining to, too, and two. and dear friends I can still hear the phone ringing and a woman saying ——— Sistersville High School, Mrs. Stewart speaking. Close your eyes with me and listen to what you may hear. Oh and yes I remember as I heard Mr. Smith, principal at the time, yell, what are you doing sneaking out that window? Now come to the office. Or when a mother was called by yet another principal because her daughter was sitting outside his door protesting? Would Tracy and Vickie know about this? I could tell you that Sistersville had one of the very best basketball players around. Thanks ,Richard Summers, for the great games . I could tell you about the golf team, the baseball team , volleyball team and student body council but I will only say they were in our eyes the very best.

There is so much we could tell you but if you are from Sistersville all you have to do is close your eyes and dream just a little. Take your own trip down memory lane and pray we get back to the best Alumni around soon.

Friendly lost a good man and a great neighbor this week with the passing of Bill Bailey. Bill was a helper and a friend that will be truly missed. He was a traveling man and made his last stop before going to Heaven in Friendly. Rest easy Bill and we will see you again one day.

Birthday Wishes are sent this week to my special nephew , Matt Kendle.

The hills are alive outdoors with birds singing. leaves rustling and breezes blowing. Get out there and enjoy nature.

My Get Well Wishes are sent to Vickie Bowen, Loretta Underwood, Lorraine Owens, Martha Michaels, Alma Banard, Lorraine Owens, Terry Starkey, Sharon LeMasters, Fred Clayton, Darla Steele, Bill Williamson, Denzil Jones, Richard and Paula Carroll, Naomi Jones, Susan and Wayne Cline, Donna and Bernie Johnson, Lois and Larry Spencer, Shirley and Ron Wilkinson, Barb Smith, lola Bailey, Geneva Cumbridge, Carol and Randy Stout, Carolyn Boston, Emma Clair Tanzy, Sharon Cottrell, Pam Stanley, Frank and Leona Stull. Bob Boston, Bill Hutchinson

My Friendly Hello is sent to…. Cindy and Tom Carson…..glad you are home.

My Angel Award goes to my kids for a beautiful Mother’s Day

The thought for the week is……Mom says ” show me and I will trust you” but God says ” trust Me and I will show you”

Through Jesus Christ I Am, Susan