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Friendly Ways & Byways

By Susan Stoneking - | Apr 28, 2021

I will be dedicating my next two weeks to Mother’s Day. If you still have your Momma hug her tight and whisper you love her. Even though my mom has gained her wings I still whisper to God and ask Him to relay the message. I know He is a very busy God but He always has time to hear my prayers.

My mother once was asked just how she raised 6 kids with my daddy working in timber from daylight till dark. Without hesitation, she said “ON my knees.”. My mom and I were still students in the school of motherhood.. We never had all the answers to the problems and questions of raising children.

Mom always said that she had lots of experience. I wish I could put my arms around each of you that is traveling this path with us. I am sharing these thoughts with you, to assure you that you are not on this path alone. that just like my mother and now me, we too have been there. and God has been faithful.

We’re never really ready to be parents. In fact, once you’ve had had children you know you are not ready.. I have been a parent for well over fifty years and often feel like a failure. That is where dependance on the Lord comes in. Rely on God for the strength that you need. We must trust God to provide for the unknown, the unexpected and the unpredictable

Devotions can be a fiasco…..the important thing though is not how perfect fully they are conducted or how theologically deep they are, but that your children sense the presence of Jesus in your home. We have not always been consistent especially as the pace of life increases, but we have been persistent and have begun to reap the rewards. our children developed a love of scripture, reliance on the power of prayer and now they hold their own family devotions.

WE must remember to treat our children, no matter what the age, as God treats us. With mercy, grace, and patience.. Just as God is an ever-present help in time of trouble, so must we mothers be an ever-present help.

God says call me and I will answer you He allows collect calls and does not have call waiting.. So, we too must keep communication open.

My mom was a great grandmother many times over and yes, I have 4 great grandchildren……. Audry, Drae, Elias and Kensley are precious. Time passes so quickly. There are times I need to make tough choices between my husband , my children, grandchildren and great, but oh what joy that fills my heart knowing that I am still giving back a small portion for what my mom gave to me.

Many of us will experience the full circle . For some it will prove difficult. It will try our patience and cause difficulties emotionally, financially and physically. But let us look at this challenge as a privilege entrusted to us by God Himself. Let us trust in and lean on our heavenly Father— who has a mother’s heart- to supply all of our needs just as our mothers did.

Happy Belated Birthday to Dr. Bantug. Hope it was great. And also to my dear friend Vickie Bowen

My Get Well Wishes are sent to………..Vickie Bowen, Deanna Brown, Bill Hutchinsom, Bill Rupert, Lucie Mellert. Erica and Austin Martin who for the 2nd time have the covid. to Lorraine Owens, to Diane Kinnard, To Bill Williamson, Fred Clayton, Richard and Paula Carroll, Susan and Wayne Cline, Naomi and Denzil Jones, Donna and Bernie Johnson, Pat Eddy, Sharon LeMasters, Barb Smith, Bill Bailey, Geneva Cumbridge,

Bob Boston, Leona and Frank Stull, Emma Clair Tanzy, Sharon Cottrell, Pam Stanley. Deloros Kaneff, For myself . The Bible says pray and believe so I am praying and I ask you all to pray for these on the list

My Friendly Hello is sent to……………….Tim and Robin Stutter

My Angel Award goes to so many this week…… First and foremost, to my daughters Tracy Cornell and Diane Kinnard who came and insisted we go to the hospital. To my husband Roger who kept the home fires burning while I spent a few days in the hospital and certainly was my rock, to Dr. Farrah who finally figured some of my problem , to Dawn Wilson who showed her compassion as a sister and as a professional. to Deidra and Bob Boston who got out of bed at 11:30 at night to bring me caps to take my shots, To Toni and Paul Wanstreet for picking up prescriptions , To Mary from WVU medical for your help, For those who stood by us when we were confused as to which way to turn. To all who wished me well especially with prayers. To my friends Darla and Melody for calling to say they loved me, To Randy Keher for offering his families time and help so that I understand my situation better. To the special nurse that said to me……” I can see you are a worrier. Why worry about the past , or the future, just be concerned for Susan and let the chips fall where they may.”

The thought for the week is………………………….What the world needs now is Love sweet love. A home grown love like I have.

Through Jesus Christ I Am, Susan