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A. Walker Boyd

Jul 29, 2021

Mr. A. Walker Boyd of Navasota, Texas ended a long and productive life, surrounded by family and friends, at his son’s home in Galveston, Texas on July 1st, 2021. Walker passed away at age 92. Walker Boyd will be remembered in the coming months at intimate celebrations of his life in Galveston, Tx, at his son’s ranch in Navasota, Tx and later in Comstock, Tx.

In lieu of flowers or other gifts, please remember him through a contribution to the Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center that he worked so tirelessly to build with his daughter, (www.shumla. org). Long after Walker is forgotten, the work he did to help preserve the millenia- old written history of Texas’ first people will stand as a testament to “hard work… and the essence of the good life.