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Shriver trial is delayed

By Staff | Jan 29, 2014

The trial of Howard Paul Shriver, 34, was set to begin on Jan. 21. However, it was postponed after a sufficient jury could not be seated.

Shriver, indicted by the February 2013 grand jury on 11 separate counts, appeared on Tuesday alongside his attorney, Jay Gerber, prepared for trial. Prosecutor Luke Furbee was also present and ready to proceed. After a late start due to the harsh weather conditions, Judge Mark A. Karl apologized to the defense and the prosecution as well as the prospective jury members for the delay.

Karl then ordered the clerk to call the jury prospects. Upon being seated, they were then questioned by Karl on a variety of issues concerning their eligibility to serve. They were also questioned about issues that might affect their ability to fairly render a verdict.

Judge Karl ordered a recess one hour lunchtime recess. Upon returning, the process of selecting the jury continued until 2:25 p.m. At that time Judge Karl announced they had not been able to seat the proper amount of jurors.

The parties agreed to waive the term of court and he ordered a return date of Feb. 12, at which time they will set a new trial date.

Shriver was then remanded back to jail.

Shriver allegedly used an axe-like weapon Oct. 8, 2012, in an attempt to break into a home and attack his wife and two young children.

Shriver was indicted on 11 separate counts from the February term of the grand jury: Count one, attempted malicious wounding; count two, domestic battery; count three, burglary; count four, violation of a protective order; count five, retaliation of a witness; count six, retaliation of a witness; count seven, unlawful restraint; count eight, domestic assault; count nine, domestic assault; count 10, destruction of property; and count 11, attempted murder.